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Welcome to Yarra Vale Wines


Yarra Vale has been making wine since 1983 and was one of the early vineyards/winemakers in the valley. Yarra Vale have sourced grapes from its own vineyards and from various other vineyards both locally and regionally over the years to guarantee consistency with the selection of fruit for their wines.

Yarra Vale produce a variety of styles - reds, whites and fortified including the exciting Italian and Spanish varieties in the last few years - Sangiovese, Barbera and Tempranillo.


Yarra Vale Wines has always prided itself on making quality wines to accommodate a wide variety of wine consumers. Our vision is to still continue making quality wines however our focus will be geared towards the production of Super Premium and Premium label wines. Over the next years, Yarra Vale Wines will focus on the production of a "Black Label Reserve" concept which we hope you will enjoy.

Our Super Premium Reserve wines made in exceptional vintage years will be some of the best wines in the marketplace.

A history of wine making in the Yarra Valley