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My passion for winemaking stems from the same passion I have for life, cuisine and music. To me, the word "winemaking" conjures up words such as dedication, lifestyle, weather, soil, vines, which all contribute to my passion for winemaking.

The wines that I create can be described as "boutique" or "hand crafted". I try and get away from the common wines that most of the larger producers create.

The wine that I want you to enjoy should be an experience just like attending an opera or experiencing fine dining.

A wine should be full of rich textures, colours and flavours, which when combined all contribute to an experience, which will fulfil the palate and leave you with wanting to experience more.

The pleasure I get out of winemaking comes from the entire process from start to finish. It is when you, the end user, experiences pleasure from my wines that I have achieved my goal.

As a child of the 1950's, I was born to Italian migrants that chose to settle in the Yarra Valley. I was brought up to know and understand the land, the climate and all other factor's which can either make or break and by-product from the land. As I grew older, I felt that I wanted to do more with the land and my life, so I decided to get into winemaking.

Surrounded by great friends who were already in the wine industry, my family and I began a small family run and owned winery in the Victorian Yarra Valley - Yarra Vale Winery.

I hope that you enjoy Yarra Vale wines as much as I enjoy making them.

Please enjoy!

Domenic Bucci

Yarra Vale - Winemaker